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Pip and the Umbrella Room (A1)

Pip and the Umbrella Room (A1)

Reader + Delta Augmented. 

Κάθε Σάββατο ο Πιπ βοηθάει τον πατέρα του στο Γραφείο Απωλεσθέντων του σταθμού Victoria. Θα ζήσει μια μαγική κι επικίνδυνη περιπέτεια εξαιτίας μιας ομπρέλας!

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On Saturdays Pip helps his dad at the lost property office at Victoria Station - he runs the Umbrella Room. Although, usually he spends most of his time playing cards - nobody comes looking for lost umbrellas these days! But this Saturday is different. When three really very strange customers come in looking for the same umbrella, Pip is plunged into an unbelievable, magical and dangerous adventure.  

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