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Killer Wolf (B1)

Killer Wolf (B1)

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Ένας άγριος λύκος κυκλοφορεί ελεύθερος στο Wyoming και ο Rob Salter θα βρεθεί σε δίλημμα: θα αναγκαστεί να τον σκοτώσει ή μήπως υπάρχει κι άλλη λύση;

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Rob Salter lives on a ranch in Wyoming. There's a wolf on the loose, and its causing chaos, killing calves and sheep, and sparking outrage in the community. Everyone he knows believes that if a wolf is a threat to their livelihood, they should be allowed to shoot it. Too bad that the Government and local environmentalists don't agree. Even worse that Cheryl, a girl who he has recently met, thinks there are other options. As they get to know each other better, he begins to see that he might be wrong. His Dad has him on lookout duty at the ranch. Confronted with the wolf, who should he please? His Dad or Cheryl? Maybe there's even a way of pleasing everyone, the wolf included.

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