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Bloggers 1 (A1-A2) Student’s Book

Bloggers 1 (A1-A2) Student’s Book

Student’s Book + audios and videos online. Το πρώτο βιβλίο της νέας διδακτικής σειράς για παιδιά γυμνασίου (11-13).

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Bloggers is a four-level course for lower secondary students. It is truly international! The bloggers are from English-speaking countries around the world. SHEENA, JOHN, TARA, KIRSTINE and TOM blog, vlog and share aspects of their lives as well as their thoughts on global issues - connecting YOU to English around the world.

Why is Bloggers right for YOU?
It's authentic!
It's engaging!
It's about showing what you can do!
It's about completing challenges!
It develops the skills you need in real life!
What are the key features in Bloggers?
One unit - one blogger - one project
Communicate, collaborate and create
Clearly defined topics and language goals
Personalized activities for everyone in the class
Cultural awareness in the "Culture Blog"


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BLOGGERS is a project-based course that integrates the 5 C's of 21st century learning - communication, cooperation, creativity, critical thinking, and cultural awareness - to make sure that YOU have fun, learn what YOU need, and use English because YOU have something relevant to say.

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