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Natural Business English, Coursebook...

Natural Business English, Coursebook + Audio CD (B2-C1)

Delta Natural Business English B2-C1. Για όσους επιθυμούν να μάθουν τη γλώσσα των διεθνών επιχειρήσεων. 


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Natural Business English is for people who want to learn the real language of international business today. It covers essential business vocabulary and expressions as well as presenting and practising authentic business language in appropriate ways to improve their fluency.

It can be used in class or for self-study and is suitable for people courses with a business English component at university or equivalent level, or those who need English in their careers.

Natural Business English covers both essential and authentic business language that will lead to students’ fluency in the following key areas:

– Units 1-4 look at people, leaders, organisations and mergers and acquisitions

– Units 5-8 cover manufacturing, retailing, services and business operations

Units 9-12 deal with products and customers, marketing and strategy

Units 13-16 look at research and development, human resources, accounting and finance

Units 17-20 deal with financial markets, economic information, the global economy and the future of business

After each block of four units, there is a two-page review section. In each of these, there are sixty questions relating to language presented in the previous units. Learners can consolidate learning, test themselves and use the answer key to check their progress.

Natural Business English contains a glossary of words and expressions, and is also accompanied by a CD with audio presentation of much of the language in the book. This input includes business people and business experts speaking, conversations, and research interviews, all of which help learners to improve their pronunciation as well as enrich their vocabulary.

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