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The Heart of Boston Rap (A2+)

The Heart of Boston Rap (A2+)

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Ο ράπερ Ritchie θα ζητήσει από τις δύο φίλες Sarah και Alicia να χορέψουν σε ένα του βίντεο, αλλά η Sarah θα αρχίσει να τον ερωτεύεται...

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Sarah and Alicia are very good friends. When rapper Ritchie, Alicia's boyfriend, gets the opportunity to record a professional video for one of his raps, he asks Alicia and Sarah to dance in the video. But the more time they all spend together, the more Sarah no longer knows what her feelings for Ritchie are. Caught in this triangle, both Sarah and Ritchie need to decide what to do. Or do they?

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